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29 November

18 dancers had a great evening taking in their stride Corner Pass and Turn, Set and Rotate, 2 flavours of Poussette and everyone's favourite, the Whoopsie Turn!


4th at GX
New 'Sports Spots' on the floor helped us master Reels of 4. Can they do the same for the Ladies' Chain?

Autumn Term underway!

Gerrards Cross get to grips with Tea Dance programme by tackling the 'Tri-Mariner' 

September 13 & 15

In memory of

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

we observed a minute's silence

and danced

The Balmoral Strathspey

June 2022

24th at GX

Summer Tea Dance a great success!

2nd at LCh The Queen's Jubilee was celebrated with dancing and impromptu afternoon tea 

24th at GX we tried out 2 new dances for the new RSCDS book as part of next year's centenary celebrations

Not so easy!

Meanwhile, in GX, 22 dancers had a great evening! And now s t r e - e t c h!

May 2022


17th at GX


Good practice provided for Tea Dance thanks to excellent teaching from Jan, Ann and Chris, who willingly stepped in to give Rose a well-deserved Tuesday evening off 


10th    Demonstration in Little Chalfont Village Hall

Six of the LCh Dancers put on

a short demo as part of the

WI's Jubilee Celebrations.

Later, 28 dancers joined in the

Highland Welcome



26th    3 new dancers at GX this evening

            ...and they completed their first dance within half an hour!



29th    18 dancers meant we kept 2 sets going all evening

            We absolutely nailed Set & Link!

            Very pleased to have Jane Rose, Chair of Herts & Borders Branch

            as a VIP visitor

February 2022

15th    No fewer than 20 dancers this evening!

            A snake theme slithered into proceedings and 

            great fun was had by all

January 2022

Our numbers are beginning to build: 

    11 at Little Chalfont on 20th

    18 at Gerrards Cross on 25th

a good range of experience now attends both venues

18th  Fashion week on the dance floor!

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