What We Danced  This Term at GX (Summer 2022) 

17th May2022 

Granville Market  - Featuring Right and Left Hands Across, Half figure of 8 and turning corners

Cumbrae Reel - the one where we danced down and up four-abreast. Features hald Right & Lefts, turning in pas de basque, reel of 4 and turning corner, partner, corner, partner.

Highland Rambler - the one where we danced down and back 3- abreast, features Right Hands Across with 3s , and Left hands across with 2s.

Rutland Reel - features  ladies and men's chain and a reel of 3 on the side

Fishermans Reel  - the square dance with a couple in the middle. Features teapots, and reels of 3  

Montparnasse - the slow, elegant one featuring half Left Hands Across, reels of 4 and diamond poussettes

Maxwell's Rant- featuring reflection reels of 3 with 1s dancing first on their r partner's side, and then on their own side, followed by half figures of 8.

Reel of the 51st Division- set and turn corners, balance in line

10th May2022 

Waratah Weaver - features figures of 8 on the sides and slip step down the middle 

Good Hearted Glasgow features teapots and leading down the middle 

Jubilee Jig - features casting and setting to someone other than your partner , and teapots 

Bon Viveur - The square Medley, 2 slow, 2 fast with men's chain and Schiehallion reels.

St Andrews Fair - not a lot to say about this one!

Jean Martin of Aberdeen features the 3 couple Allemande and the 2 couple Bourrel.

Rothesay Rant- the square one  with dancers alternating facing in and out to , then  half ladies chain and half Rights & lefts. 

3rd May 2022 

Lads & Lassies of Livermore    - features Advance & Retire, and 1s making an arch 

Trudy's Twirl   - created specially for us on the night featuring promenade, figure of 8 on the sides and time for a twirl at the end.

Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes    - features casting, half figure of 8 across, and 2 couple Allemande and Rights & Lefts.  

The Sailor    - features double triangle position, Right Shoulder reel of 3 and Rights & Lefts.

Byron Strathspey    - features Petronella, Strathspey setting, Teapots Reels of 3 and 3 couple Allemande

Neil M Grant - features the Spoke, Half Diagonal Reels of 4 

Miss Welsh's Reel    - features Right Hands Across ( and left back) , and Corner/Partner/Corner/partner.

Craven Twelvesome    - the square one with a man with 2 women on each side features reel of 3 and half Right Hands Across for the men, ending with a large circle


26th April 2022 

Jig to the Music    - features Advance & Retire, a DoSiDo, turning ( each hand) and a circle at the end

Galloway House  - features  casting, a small circle and  Rights & Lefts at the end

Whistling Wind    - features  half diagonal reels of 4 and Double Triangles ( up and down rather than on the sides)

Postie's Jig   - the very jolly one with arches and turning corners. Introduces a the half figure of 8 and ends with half  Rights & Lefts

Neidpath Castle    - a beautiful slow, elegant  dance ( strathspey) with two-handed turns, a Grand Chain and half All Round Poussettes,

Castle of Mey    - features  Inveran Reels, double figures of 8 and quick time poussette

Fishermans Reel  - the square dance with a couple in the middle. Features teapots, and reels of 3