Notes on Covid:

Please be extra vigilant whilst Omicron is prominent!
Variant BA5 has increased during September


We believe we can minimise any risks on the basis that if no-one brings the virus with them then no-one will take it away


So, please.....


  • keep up to date with any jabs (or "jags" if you are Scottish) offered

  • take a lateral flow test before dancing if you possibly can

  • use hand sanitiser between dances

  • stay away if you feel at all unwell 

  • notify us if you test positive in the future

  • bring your own water/flask etc

  • refrain from unnecessary physical contact (no hugs, sorry!)

  • minimise the number of people in the toilets

  • no need to wear masks

We will ensure the hall is well ventilated.

We aim to dance from 7.30 until "lights out" at 10.00 pm  

We will keep a list of attendees, and notify you if anyone subsequently tests positive on a night you were present.