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Frequently  Asked Questions

I have absolutely no experience - will I be able to do it?


Yes! Our trained teacher will help you master the basic steps and you'll be joining in from the first class.

  • Did you skip along as a child? Then you're half-way to the most common step we do  - skip step! 

  • Can you remember Ring-a-roses? Then you're on the way to mastering slip step!  

  • dancing is very collaborative and everyone will help point you in the right direction

  • none of us gets it all right first time! 


Are there swords involved?

No, absolutely not! 

  • Swords are only used in Highland dancing which is a different form of dancing.


Do I need a dance partner?

No, absolutely not! 

  • We change partners  between each dance

  • men's and women's roles are similar so women often dance a man's role

  • we make sure beginners are always matched with an experienced partner 



How do the classes work?

  • We start with a warm up and a bit of step practice

  • We review any new formations 

  • we walk through each dance as many times as needed before dancing it to music

  • we have a break mid-way through the session for tea or juice and a chat

  • at GX we tend to do easier dances before the break and slightly trickier ones after. 


What should I wear?

  • non-slip, flat shoes

  • otherwise, whatever you like!

  • we dress more formally for evening dances but for classes anything goes. 


Where could it lead?

  • opportunities to dance most nights of the week and most weekends in London & the South East 

  • opportunities to join Day Schools and Residential courses

  • opportunities for SCD focused holidays


Are we insured?

  • Yes, we hold public liability insurance.

Do we have a Privacy Policy?​

Do we have a Safeguarding Policy?

  • Yes, as above

And a Health & Safety Policy?  

  • Yes, as above


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