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What we danced at Gerrards Cross Spring 2024


13th February 2024 (in honour of St Valentine              )

Lads and Lassies of Livermore- arches

Kiss Under the Stairs- a lot of going up and down!

Kissing Bridge   The one with the Whoopsie turn! 

First Love- Mirror Reels and Grand Chain

Chased Lovers- tandem reels

Silver Love

Montgomeries' Rant

6th February 2024

Easy Peasy Rights and Lefts - speaks for itself!

Fidget - 

MacDonald of Keppoch - the medley 

Gordon's Cider Press - square set with 1 couple im middle

Linnea's Strathspey  another go at this one with Hello-Goodbye Setting, and the distinctive feature  of  the Chaperoned Chain Progression.

The Nurseryman - inverted double triangles

EH3 7AH  with the promenade and teapots.

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  • Teapots


Chasing the Eclipse - more chaperoned chain progression.with tandem reels of 3 across

30th January 2024

Going for a Spin - the one that sent us all dizzy

Kendall's Hornpipe

Tribute to the Borders

Provides good setting practice


The Gentleman

Miss C M Barbour (Tea Dance candidate)

involves Corner Chains

The Button Boy (Tea Dance candidate)

Reflection reels and Whoopsie Turn

Something in the Air (Tea Dance candidate)

Features the Rose Progression - tricky - needs practice

23rd January 2024

Ceilidh Caper - starting with mirror reels

The Lass of Richmond Hill- the one with Corners Chain

Best Set in the Hall -The Pantomime dance: look behind you! .

Flower of Glasgow- the one with circulating allemande and a diamond poussette

Glittering Caves- the medley with 16 bars of strathspey and 16 of reel each time

Rev John MacFarlane- the one with mirror reels and quick time poussette.

Mrs Macleod - 

16th January 2024

Fairy Ring  Warm up Dance.

Flight of Falcon TD - the one with alternating tandem reels

Kamo Carousel * TD Diagonal Rights & Lefts, and Set and Rotate for 3 couples.

Seattle Landing *TD Figure of 8 on sides, then leading down and back in a different order before the allemande..

Bon Viveur-*TD the medley, introducing/ reviewing  Schiehallion Reels.

Anniversary Reel , *TD no difficult formations but lots of different bits to remember

Vive La Danse *TDTeapots, Hello-Goodbye Setting  and Reels of 3 on partners's side.

Farewell to Balfour Road *TD The 5 couple set that starts with a new top couple every 16 bars.We danced it first as a normal 5 couple set, and then with the overlaps. Exhilerating stuff!!

Currie Mountain  *TD- 1s coming through the middle turning on the sides first 3s and then 2s, then hands across and finally reel on the sides

9th January 2024

Kelburn's Reel *TD Round the Room practicing key formations to get us started.

Welcome to Ayr. *TD A  jig  featuring double figures of 8, turning 2s and 3s on the side, diagonal reels and teapots 

Lochnagar- *TD the unusual corner turns:your 1st corner right and then your partner's first corner left; then your own 2nd corner right and then your Partner's 2nd corner left. All followed by Double Triangles.

Rose of the North *TD with the 3 couple Rights and Lefts ( which we found easier than the diagonal Rights and Lefts) , setting to corners, little circles and petronella 

Vive La Danse *TDTeapots, Hello-Goodbye Setting  and Reels of 3 on partners's side.

Tartan Rainbow - *TD featuring the 3 couple knot, teapots and half figure of 8 accross. 2s are dancing couple

Shiftin' Bobbins. Teapots going down the set and then with the other hand coming back up.



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