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Summer Tea Dance

Sunday 26 June 2022
A very successful event  held at the Colston Hall, Gerrards Cross with dancing to the Ian Robertson Duo


Programme: All dances will be walked through 

  • A Highland Welcome (R32)

  • The Cumbrae Reel (R8 x 32) 3C (4C Set)

  • Midsummer Common (S8 x32) 3C (4C Set)

  • Rothesay Rant (J4 x 32) Sq Set

  • Castle of Mey (R8 x 32) C (4C Set)

  • Jean Martin of Aberdeen (S3 x 32) 3C Set

  • Granville Market (J8 x 32) 3C (4C Set)

  • Rutland Reel (R 8 x 40)  3C (4C Set)


  • The Sailor (R8 x 32)  3C (4C Set)

  • Miss Welsh's Reel (J8 x 32) 3C (4C Set)

  • Slytherin House (S8 x32) 3C (4C Set)

  • Fisherman's Reel (R5 x 32) 5C Sq Set

  • Gaelforce Wind (J8 x 32) 3C (4C Set)

  • Montparnasse (S4 x32) 4C Set

  • Pelorus Jack (J8 x 32) 3C (4C Set)

  • Reel of the 51st Division (R8 x 32 3C (4C Set)

Refreshments:  Complimentary Strawberry Cream Tea

Ticket Price:£12  (£6 for non-dancers)

Crib: Click here  for crib and videos.

Select appropriate tab for details. 

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