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What we danced at Gerrards Cross Autumn 2023


19th September 2023

Welcome to Ayr. A  jig to start us off, featuring double figures of 8, turning 2s and 3s on the side, diagonal reels and teapots 

Anniversary Reel , no difficult formations but lots of different bits to remember

Sugar Candie, features small circles, Corner/Partner/Corner/Partner, left shoulder reels of 3 on partner's side.

Torridon Lassies -  approaching corners in succession: set, turn and half reel(twice) then corners set and cross while dancing couple cast and half figure of 8. 

 Kilkenny Castle featuring reflection reels, petronella and diagonal rights and lefts

Cramond Bridge , diagonal reels of 3 in prom hold, and half rights and lefts for corners while dancing couple turn in the middle.

Luckenbooth Brooch , reels of 3 across with dancing couple in prom hold ( but opposite side to usual), corners doing rights and lefts while dancing couple wind in amd out, 

12th September 2023

Jindalee Jig. A simple jig to start us off, featuring the Promenade. 

Lochnagar- the unusual corner turns:your 1st corner right and then your partner's first corner left; then your own 2nd corner right and then your Partner's 2nd corner left. All followed by Double Triangles.

Seattle Landing Figure of 8 on sides, then leading down and back in a different order before the allemande..

Maxwell's Rant Mirror Reels with first couple crossing onto opposite sides, followed by a second reel with the 1s crossing back to their own side

Vive La Danse Teapots, Hello-Goodbye Setting  and Reels of 3 on partners's side.

Pelorus Jack   Featuring Alternating tandem reels of 3  diagonally.

Slytherin House Set and Link, Teapots, Snake Pass

Portincaple Oak The Medley with interlocking Ladies Chain for 4 couples, and Schiehallion Reels

5th September 2023

Highland Welcome  . A round the room dance to start us off. 

Catch the Wind -the one where the lady is followed by the man but only lets him catch her at the end. Features the reel of 3 across.

Inchmickery - the one with 5 couples, that starts and ends with a circle, with teapots and turning distant corners

Tartan Rainbow - featuring the 3 couple knot. 2s are dancing couple

Findlay's Jig the one with 3 couple allemande and casting from bottom back to top for 1s and 2s..

MacDonald of the Isles - featuring diagonal reels of 4,the snowball chain, half Rights & lwfts and half Figures of 8.

Old Man of Storr - lady followed by partner casting after hands across and then back to the top for a final cast and Rights & lefts

Berwick Johnnie - Some useful practice with 1/2 Right Hands Across, the Allemande for 2 couples and turning corner,partner,corner,partner



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